Since 1996, CDN has been providing the latest in wireless technologies to the entire region. From our city-wide WiFi deployment in Southern Iraq, to one of world's largest and most advanced city-wide Wireless Video Surveillance Systems, CDN has been called upon to deliver complete, integrated indoor and outdoor wireless solutions.

Our range of wireless solutions extends from 900Mhz Point to Multipoint and Point to Point systems, through a complete range of latest mobile WiMax solutions all the way to the most State-of-the-Art 83Ghz solutions delivering Full Duplex Gigabit for WiMax & Telco backbones.

CDN provides complete wireless solution portfolios - from extensive RF Surveys all the way to design, supply, installation and support.

Some of the vendors we work with are:

  • GigaBeam

    1Gbps full duplex backhaul solutions
  • DragonWave

    From 20 to 800Mbps backhaul solutions
  • Osbridge

    From 22 to 60Mbps solutions for Tripple Play networks
  • Eion's WiMax & Turbo WiMax solutions

    In 3.5GHz
  • Ipaxiom's Tripple Play WiMax solutions

  • Complete Range of RF Antennas and Accessories

    Our RF Survey Team uses an advanced Spectrum Analyzer capable of performing a comlete analysis from 20Mhz up to 7Ghz, covering most widely used frequencies.