From our very first Local Area Network installation in 1983, CDN has built an enviable reputation as the regional networking powerhouse. With over 2,000 completed LAN installations across the region, CDN is able to provide complete LAN solutions for even the most complex environment.

Unlike majority of our competitors, CDN has always had Systems Integrator approach to networking. CDN works with a variety of networking vendors, always focusing on client needs and requirements, rather than pushing a specific 'brand'. As a result, CDN has built some of region's largest and most complex networks that deliver top-notch performance day in and day out.

Our quarter of a century of networking knowledge and experience forms the basis of our range of Smart Building and Smart City solutions, which completely depend on high-performance, IP-based fault tolerant network solutions. In addition to 'standard' networking, CDN also provides a complete range of non-blocking Gigabit and 10 Gigabit solutions, as well as a variety of outdoor, weather and waterproof networking solutions for most demanding applications. Some of the vendors that we work with are:
Foundry Networks - Cisco - GarrettCom - TrendNet

If you are looking for the highest performance networking with no compromises on security, management and support, call CDN today.