CDN Showcases its Smart Police Car at the First Interior Ministry Information Technology Exhibition in Bahrain

Bahrain's Ministry of Interior recently held it's first Information Technology Exhibition at the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Center (BIECC), December 13th and 14th. Shaikh Mohammed and Shaikh Rashid toured the Exhibition that showcased 62 systems and electronic services that have been established and applied by 13 of the Ministry's Directorates.

CDN showcased it's Smart Police Car which has already seen a successful deployment with Kuwait's Traffic Police. CDN Smart Police Cars turns a traffic police vehicle into a fully equipped mobile traffic and law enforcement system with the following functionalities:

Advanced Number Plate Recognition System

  • Automatically Capture the License Plate of stationary and moving vehicles at the rate of more than 180 per minute
  • Alert the user of any violation matching and displaying violation information
  • Encrypted data transferred to the main server to maintain the historical records through 3G or wireless network 

Incidents Recording and Monitoring system

  • Internal Mobile CCTV for police related incidents recording and video surveillance
  • Live Streaming to the operation room
  • Wireless Microphone

Compact Radar System

  • Same and opposite direction vehicle speed monitoring, functional if police vehicle is moving or is stationary
  • Bookmark the speed violation vehicles pictures combined with GPS location, date & time

Unified touch screen for all the system

Rugged hand remote control

Full Integration with all the Ministry's IT Systems

All of the above functions operate concurrently on a single, ruggedized mobile computing platform, and the systems are fully integrated. For example, if Radar detects a speeding violation, it triggers the camera to capture a photo which shows the vehicle itself (from the camera) speed (from the Radar System), GPS location (from the GPS tracking device), License Plate information (from the ANPR System), and date and time (from the mobile computer).

CDN's Smart Police Car, which was designed and integrated by CDN's engineers is just the latest in series of innovations focused on regional Police Forces and Security Agencies.