Iraqi Telecommunications and Post Company (ITPC) Announces Signing of the Fiber Carrier Contract with Computer Data Networks

London, 10th of November, Mr Kassim Mohammed AL-Hassani, Director General of Iraqi Telecommunications and Post Company, Ministry of Communications, Iraq, announced that Computer Data Networks (CDN) has been appointed to Operate, Maintain and Market Fiber Carrier Network between Baghdad and Kuwait. Announcement was made at the annual Iraq Telecom Conference in London on the 10th of November.

Under the Agreement, CDN will take over the operations, support, management and marketing of the recently installed DWDM Fiber Optic Network that runs from Baghdad to Abdally on the Kuwait/Iraq Border. This long-awaited move will allow Iraqi ISPs, Mobile & WLL Operators, Government Agencies and enterprises to interconnect sites within South of Iraq as well as to connect to the outside world through high-speed Fiber rather than VSAT as has been the case until now.

It is expected that this latest development will provide an additional boost to Iraqi economy, allowing a large group of businesses to benefit from advanced, high-speed internet and data connectivity. This contract is a further affirmation of ITPC’s stated policy of privatizing telecommunications services and introducing latest technologies to Iraq.

Computer Data Networks is well established in Iraq, with ISP operations in three provinces for both Wireless and xDSL Services. CDN also recently won a major contract to design, supply and implement three main Internet Exchanges which will be responsible for ISP Interconnections as well as exchange of Internet traffic between Iraq and the rest of the world.

The Fiber Carrier Contract will provide further boost to CDN’s plans to diversify and expand it’s operations in Iraq and become one of the major players in Iraq’s Telecommunications sector.