Smart Patrols Deployed to Keep Kuwait Roads Safe

KUWAIT: National police have a taken a major step forward in efforts to monitor, track down and apprehend offenders and law-breaking motorists with the deployment of “smart patrols” on the country’s roads. Efforts to employ latest electronic devices to enforce the law began in 2009 as a result of cooperation among the information technology sector of the Ministry of Interior, the police and traffic commands. “Smart patrols” were then launched following a series of tests of state-of-the-art technology, said Maj Mohammad Al-Mansouri, the head of operations of the traffic general directorate and a supervisor of the project.

A “smart patrol” is equipped with sensors, radar systems and cameras for monitoring all activities and movements around the police vehicle on the roads. The system automatically detects and registers number plates of cars and scans the car record to determine whether its status is legal or whether the driver’s record is clean or not.

The radar – which also monitors the speed of passing cars – can observe up to 40 vehicles per minute. Images of the activities on the roads are automatically transmitted to the operations room of the ministry or any other affiliated facility. Moreover, data in the system attached to the patrol car can be updated automatically every half an hour. And each car is equipped with a voice system that alerts the officer about the status of a passing car.

Currently, there are 20 of these “smart cars” deployed in areas notorious for recurring problems and law-breaking actions. Mansouri added that the “smart patrols” of the traffic police registered up to 2,055 cases of insurance expiry and 92 “wanted vehicles” in 2011-2012. – KUNA