Security Systems

Physical Security

Security has become one of the major concerns of regional governments as well as many of the enterprises. Recognizing this need, as well as the fact that physical security has increasingly become based on well-established IP technology, CDN has dedicated an entire department to develop and offer a complete range of physical security solutions.

CDN Physical Security Solutions include:

  • Perimeter Protection Systems consisting of Fencing, IP CCTV, Burried Cable Detection Systems, Ground Radar, Intrusion and Alarm Systems all the way to complete Access Control Solutions
  • Video Surveillance Solutions
  • Port Security Systems
  • Access Control Systems including Smart Cards, Barcode System, RFID and Proximity Systems
  • Wireless Location Services (RFID and WiFi)
  • Aerostats and Border Control Systems
  • Cargo and Personnel Scanning Systems
  • X-Ray Scanners including Personnel Scanners, Parcel Scanners and Airport & Container Scanning Systems
  • Metal Detectors
  • Explosives Detectors
  • CDN also provides C3 and C4 solutions including custom furniture, acoustic treatments, video walls and of course, most advanced communications infrastructure solutions available today.