Leasing and outsourcing have become increasingly popular in the USA and most of the Europe as a way to reduce capital expenditures, provide streamlined support, and deal with the tremendous pace of technological advancement. Since 1995, CDN has been involved with leasing & outsourcing, but it is really in the past few years that we have placed heavy emphasis on developing this part of our activities.

Two distinct services are offered, though the clients will find that the greatest benefit can be achieved by combining the two. Leasing allows our clients to lease a variety of top-quality hardware and related software over a period of time. Under our Leasing Program, we offer equipment from all major vendors.

The main benefits of our Leasing Program are reduction in capital investment, which is a major factor considering the current economic climate, and the reduction of funds tied up in ‘assets’ that are rapidly depreciating due to the fast pace of technological change. Our clients are finding that it saves money to lease, and the immediate benefit from the equipment rather than having to wait to have the funds available, purchase the equipment, and then see it depreciate to almost nothing in six months.