Outsourcing provides a simple and cost-effective means for companies and organizations to obtain high-quality, in-house support. Unlike manpower contracts, where an outside contractor is hired to provide a specific number of skilled employees.

Outsourcing centers around the concept of Service Level Agreements. SLAs specify the level and quality of the support services that client wishes to have. It is then CDN’s responsibility to provide adequate resources to meet those levels. SLAs define key metrics such as Response Time, Percentage of Successful Problem Resolution in a given period of time and so on.

When combined with Leasing, Outsourcing provides our clients with means whereby, against a fixed monthly (or quarterly) payment, they can receive the latest hardware and software, packaged with full-time, on-site, quality, professional support without having to invest in depreciating assets, make large capital investments into depreciating assets or hire a permanent, costly expert manpower to solve occasional problems.